Rivertown Village is a 69 unit lifestyle village located at 150 Williams St, Kaiapoi.  It is a Freehold unit title village, and all residents need to be over the age of 60 years.



This village construction is complete and all villas have been sold to individual owners. To buy in this village now, please consult the website of and google the village name to see what villas are listed on the open market. A drive past the village will also allow you to see what villas are listed on the "Villas for Sale" sign at the front gate.



“I like the concept of the village setup, especially as I am on my own. I never feel frightened, even coming home later at night. I like the roomy aspect of the unit, lots of space inside and in the garden and lawn area. Even enough room for the dog”! Marie Parr

“When we decided to downsize we looked at properties from Christchurch to Amberley. We were looking for a two bedroom villa with modern features, and in a development which would provide a caretaker, security, and ease of access and care.

We quickly discounted properties that were “Licence to Occupy” as we did not like the terms. A unit title was a much more attractive a proposition. Amongst the other villages, some were like army huts lined up in a row to get as many as possible onto a piece of land, and some developers were rigid in what could be accommodated. We found Jedd Pearce to be very obliging and prepared to consider our requirements. The decision was not hard to make.

We have now been here seven years, and the Villas have certainly come up to our expectations. They are comfortable, and easy to clean and heat. We are most impressed with the generous sized rooms and bedrooms which are genuine doubles. Location has also been a big plus for us. We enjoy the companionship of others in the village, and have found the management company to be very co-operative when we have had any requests or concerns. We have been very satisfied with our choice”.  Don & Carole Fairbrother