The Concept behind a PLC Village

A community with common interests

Residents can be confident that the behaviour of their neighbours will be similar to their own. You can be part of a community with common interests where you can form new friendships, and regularly arrange activities and outings for enjoyment.

Larger Villa Sizes

Larger villa sizes allow you to retain more of your existing belongings. Feedback from the market suggests that many units do not meet the needs of many elderly people as they are too small, and there is no maintenance to assist those who are unable to tend for a house and garden but yet still want to retain their independence.

Freehold Unit Titles

Ownership of your villa is a freehold unit title as opposed to licence to occupy. This allows you to benefit from the growth in capital value of your villa, rather than licence to occupy where you have limited access to participate in the increased value of your property.

Maintenance of the grounds and common areas

A body corporate and management company is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds, common areas and the external maintenance of the dwellings. This provides reassurance that your home, as one of your most valuable assets, is being regularly maintained to protect its value. This also provides uniformity across the whole development by having one person responsible for the maintenance.

More independence and greater quality of life

Overall you will have more time to get out and live your life stress and worry free due to the services and security provided by the on-site caretaker. You can be less dependent on your family to help you with routine maintenance and this will provide more quality family time.

“We truly believe that living in a PLC Village will provide you with the best opportunity to continue your lifestyle in a secure new environment without the hassles and worry of ongoing maintenance. It will also enable you to maintain your independence while at the same time allowing you to make new friends and enjoy your new found freedom so that you can live the latter years of your life to the full.”

Maltworks Clubhouse

Central to the Maltworks Villas complex will be a community Clubhouse. This facility is offered for the exclusive use of village residents to meet and socialise with their friends and family as they wish, or arrange special events.

The Clubhouse consists of a modern kitchen facility, male, female and disabled toilets and a 60m2 lounge area. The lounge area flows easily onto a Northwest facing patio and lawn area, providing a pleasant socialising environment all year round. The lounge is set up with LCD TV, lounge and dining seating for socialising or any special event they may wish to organise.